Friday, May 30, 2014

Blog letter

Dear blog reader,

My name is Tyler Newman, and I am the author of Front Lines of America's war. I thank every reader that has taken the time to read this blog, due to the fact that I had worked very diligently on it. You are a great audience. This blog has had its ups and downs with the information I had learned from it, so once again thank you for reading it.

This blog compromises of almost a school's year worth of work about the Frontlines of War. This blog should be read knowing that I used new skills and some old skills. One of the old skills was just writing a Book response. A new skill was doing a Vlog.

The Vlog was something new, I have never done anything like it. I felt really good about myself ranting about the stupid shit people do, and just stating my opinion where people can't interrupt me to voice theirs. As for the book response, it was nice to do, because I haven't done one of those since I was in middle school. The better part is, is that I actually read the whole book instead of just looking at it and writing the response. As you can see I learned how to do sources and learned how to link sources to certain sentences and words! This assignment has provided me with better English skills that I will be able to use later in life. I thank my teacher for giving me this assignment, because I have a better perspective on how to write better.

Overall, this blog has taught me some new skills and made me remember the old skills that I had learned that I had forgotten. This assignment has given me a better perspective on the front lines of war and how writing a blog actually works. Learning how to do these new skills has helped me out greatly, I have currently used my some of my new skills for work.