Sunday, April 6, 2014

Book response

Damn. Another book I had to read for class. Reading isn't an all time favorite activity that I would like to do. It seems like when I hit a certain age reading just seemed to be well, boring as all hell. Normally I hate reading books and just bullshit my way past any book I have to write about, I actually read this book, very strange for me. The part that is even more strange is that I actually enjoyed reading this novel.

William Manchesters',  "Goodbye, Darkness: A Memoir of the Pacific War" had me on my toes just about the whole time, except for well, those boring moments in the book where it seems to just make your eyes run dry and make it painful to even blink. Ah memoirs, the seemingly only descriptive novels that can be written, just because you know it's not made up. This memoir was about the war in the Pacific. It accurately describes Manchesters time he spent battling the Japanese in World War two. He gave vivid descriptions of some actions he had done during this book. One that was quite humorous was right after he had killed a Japanese sniper that was killing his fellow brothers. Pg. 18, "Then I threw up all over myself. I recognized the half-digested C-ration beans dribbling down my front, smelled the vomit above the cordite. At the same time I noticed another odor; I had urinated my skivvies."

Basically in a nutshell this book was one of the best novels I have read in a long time, it made me feel like I was actually experiencing his battles with him and everything that had ever happened. It's a no wonder why I had such a decent time reading this book. No time was wasted on it.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Female infantry in the Marines

Females already play combat roles, they are engineers, they fly warplanes, etc. Demographics say that women make up only 6.2% of the Marine Corps (enlisted). So why is everyone worried about them going infantry? Females can hold their own, just as well as males. There are even males who don't belong in infantry, because they don't have the right mind set to do so. My point exactly. Women can do stuff just as good as men. Not letting them go infantry, because they won't be able to do the same things as men is a bullshit reason on why they can't go infantry. There are reasons why I can see they shouldn't go infantry. One reason is that if a group was captured what would the captors do to the women that they wouldn't do to the men?
The real problem I do see with this, is that the standards would have to be lowered to make it fair for women. Which is yet another bullshit thing they would do. It's a bad thing, because then lesser qualified pos' would be then qualified to join. Why do the standards need to be lowered just so they can qualify? I think if they want jobs that are open for just men, then they should be able to pass the normal standards. Just make the physical fitness standards for going to certain jobs more fair.
Just to sum all of this up, I am all for women going infantry, i'm just not all for the standards being lowered, just so they would be able to qualify.