Thursday, February 27, 2014

Here comes the poem

The people in the military,
The ones we respect and should fear,
Allowing us to sleep peacefully.

Dumba... SSR

This post has probably made me pretty angry. There are people who join the military for a job skill/college/career, etc. Then there's people who just join for the damn money, and just disrespectful to their brothers/sisters, and their flag. This girl is exactly the kind of people that I am talking about; they shouldn't be allowed to join or even be considered for the military due to their choices for joining are for all the wrong reasons. Personally this is a topic that has gotten me very mad! It's like why? How could you be so stupid to do that, let alone post it on instagram and let everyone see. There's going to be pissed off military personnel who will see this and will put her on blast, hopefully her platoon leader sees this and gives her hell!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Ssgt walks by and says, "I heard you like to party." You say "yes I do." He then says, "good thing the corps has a working party."

Found this joke on facebook.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Callabo Blog

Special Forces: US Army Rangers, written by: Reid Lewis

I’m writing as a guest blogger for Tyler Newman on his blog about the frontlines of war. When people think of the front lines of war the first thing that pops into their minds are infantry, tanks, and scout squads and not the Special Forces teams like Green Berets, Delta Force, Rangers, Marine Recon, or Navy SEAL teams. When in reality while the regular fighting forces do their jobs the Special Forces teams are conducting the more high danger things like rescue missions and sabotage missions during the day or night. The group I chose was the US Army Rangers. The reason is because a recent Humboldt recruiter Sergeant Carter from the US Amy. He was an Army Ranger and he supplied me the info about the Rangers and how they train and operate. Also what separates them from the other infantry squads like grunts and the airborne infantry that my recruiter Sergeant Banks does.The types of operation and jobs they do consist of levels of threats. Their jobs could be small as just training in spare time to going and fighting with the regular infantry or airborne infantry or even conducting night Intel missions. The Rangers training is broken into three phases and for more information click here.